Monday, April 26, 2010

kick off

GMBCG cluster catalog for SDSS DR7 is a large optical galaxy cluster catalog, which is built by identifying the BCG + Red Sequence feature of clusters. It is a kind of continuation of the maxBCG cluster catalog (Koester et al 2007) to red shift range beyond 0.3, but with different algorithm. The two catalogs are in good agreement at low redshift (0.1 - 0.3), about 60% of BCGs identified by maxBCG have been exactly identified as BCGs in the GMBCG catalog.

This blog serves as an interactive platform for users of the GMBCG catalog. Please leave us your comments, suggestions and requests. We will try to make it user friendly as much as possible. You can also "follow" this blog by using the google buzz. Just click the "follow" at the right panel. We will publish our updates of the catalog via this blog in the future.

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